Answer Submission

The Cyber Skyline platform was designed with a seamless end user experience in mind. The challenge interface accepts free-form input as submission and the platform will parse out important details and feed that into the Scoring Engine.

You may use natural language formulate your responses, for example, if a question "how many addresses are in a /24 network?" You can enter 256 addresses or two hundred and fifty six addresses as your answer and both will be marked as correct.

Most of the times, if you can find something from the source artifact/system that is representative of the answer, just simply copying that snippet as your submission will be fine. However, you should note the special inputs section below.

Special Inputs

To avoid ambiguity in certain circumstances such as for date and time input, we use ISO8601 style date format, specifically YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm for all date inputs. You'll get a popup to pick your date or you may enter it in the previously stated format.

Other special inputs include IP addresses or hexadecimal inputs where the input box will prevent you from entering anything other than an allowed character.


Flags are used to represent sensitive or secret information on a computer system or network. By extracting a flag value, you demonstrate your ability to extract information from the challenge.

The format for a flag is: SKY-ABCD-####. The flags will always start with "SKY", then be followed by 4 random letters and 4 random numbers.

You should submit the flag as-is for any question that asks for you.

Never share your answers or flags with other users, we want everyone to have a fair shot at doing the challenges on their own. For competitive events, sharing answers or flags, including methodology for obtaining them, may result in disqualification.

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