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Changing the Display Name

Changing the Display Name shown on the Leaderboard page.
Cyber Skyline platform was designed with various events and teams in mind, you can change your display name by clicking on the overview page of an event or content pack.
Click on the "Overview" tab once you are inside an event or content pack
You may have a different display name for every event or content pack, changing the display name for one event or content pack will only change it for that particular event or content pack.
Once on the overview page your will see a section on the right hand side of the page (may need to scroll down) where it outlines your "Team Info" or "User Info".
Your Team/User Information on the Overview page
Click on "Edit Display Name" and update your display name to something else of you or your team's liking.
Change your team display name in the input box
Once you've entered a new display name, click on the "Update" button to save it.
Check out your new display name on the leaderboard! (it may take 60 seconds for the leaderboard to update with the new display name)