National Cyber League

The National Cyber League (NCL) is a biannual collegiate cybersecurity competition operated by Cyber Skyline.

This page contains answers to a few common support questions, for the most detailed information about the NCL, please visit:

Registration for the NCL is available on:

Season Schedule

The NCL has 2 seasons every year - a Fall Season and a Spring Season - to align with US academic calendars.

To see the current Season's schedule, please visit:

NCL Game Code

The NCL has a nominal registration fee that helps pay for infrastructure and content development as we aim to provide brand new challenges every Season.

Students will either pay for the registration fee via the registration process or be provided a NCL Game Code from the school's faculty coach. The registration process will have an applicable option for you to choose. The NCL Game Code is an alphanumeric code in the form of AAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAA (16 characters with 3 dashes separating each set of 4 characters).

If you receive your Game Code from your faculty coach, you will also be automatically added to the faculty coach's observation group, allowing your faculty coach to observe your Season performance.

Using a Game Code from your faculty coach does not place you on any Teams for the NCL Team Game, please see the NCL Team Game section below.

Scouting Reports

NCL Scouting Reports are available after the NCL Season ends for the NCL Individual Game (includes Preseason performance) & NCL Team Game. No Scouting Reports are available for the NCL Gymnasium.

Once the Scouting Reports are available, you will receive an email notification at your registered email address. If you have associated a faculty coach, they will also receive a copy of your Scouting Report.

More details:

Players who violate the NCL Rules of Conduct and Faculty Coaches are not eligible for Scouting Reports

Team Game Setup

To set up your NCL Team Game roster, visit

One student player should initially create the Team, then share the instructions to join the team with fellow team members. Faculty coaches are not able to assign teams, only the student players are able to create and join teams.

We do not have the notion of a Team captain, anyone can create a Team and invite others to join. All members of the Team are able to view & share the invite link, so please make sure you communicate with your Team members the roster expectations.

If a Team member needs to transfer to a different team, they can simply use the invite link from the other Team and the member will be automatically transferred, there is no need to be first removed from the existing Team.

You must be registered for the current Season in order to participate in the Team Game.

Your faculty coach's observation group does not imply that your are part of a school team. The Coach Observation Link has no impact on your Team Game roster. Please make sure you verify your Team roster at the link above.

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