Email Verification

Most functionality on Cyber Skyline requires email verification to proceed.

Cyber Skyline sends the verification email from support{@} Please make sure you check both your inbox and spam folders.

No Email?

Generally that means the email bounced or is being held up by the mail server for various reasons. You can check to see if your email bounced by seeing if you have a notification on the top right corner of the navigation bar on Cyber Skyline.

If your email bounced, there will be a notification alerting you to that fact, please check your email address on your User Profile page to ensure that it is correctly set.

If after 10-15 minutes, you still have not received your verification email. Please open a support ticket with us via

We recommend using a personal email address rather than an institutional one (unless your institution/organization explicitly requires it)

Some institutional email servers may quarantine email for 24 hours or block unknown email senders. In those situations, we recommend that you use an email address from Gmail or Yahoo Mail for example.

Resend Verification Email

You can navigate to your "Profile" page by clicking on the top right corner dropdown with your name and the "User Setting" option in the dropdown menu.

On the "Profile" page, you'll find that you can edit or click on "Resend Verification Email"

You can only request to send a new verification every so often, so you may be rate limited if you're changing your email rapidly.

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