Manage Team Members

Cyber Skyline platform was designed with teams in mind, you can change your team's roster by clicking on the overview page of an event.
Click on the "Overview" tab once you are inside an event or content pack
Teams are unique for the given event, changing your team roster for one event will not impact your team roster for another event.
Once on the overview page your will see a section on the right hand side of the page (may need to scroll down) where it outlines your "Team Info".
Your Team Information on the Overview page
From here, you can either
  1. 1.
    Invite other users to your Team
  2. 2.
    Transfer to another Team
If you do not see a "Code" in your "Team Info" section, it may be that the event has locked the team rosters and is no longer allowing for any team roster changes.

1. Invite other users to your Team

Share the "Team Code" with the users you want to invite through existing communication channels (e.g. email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams).
The alpha-numeric code is the Team Code to share with other users
Note that the other user must also already have access to the event, meaning that they must have been registered for the event themselves as well before attempting this transfer.
Now ask the other user to follow the instructions outline below in 2. Transfer to another Team

2. Transfer to another Team

Once you've received a "Team Code" from another user on Cyber Skyline, you may enter it by clicking on the "Transfer Link" button on your "Team Information" section on the Overview page (see above).
Enter the "Team Code" that you received in the input box
Once you've entered the target Team's "Team Code", you can click on the "Transfer" button there to complete the Team transfer. The users on the target Team will now see you listed on their Team roster.
Once transferred, you will see the updated Team roster under "Team Info"
Always make sure to verify your Team roster to make sure all users that should be on the team are added. The system may prevent Team roster changes after an event has started. Don't want to leave any one behind!