Scoring & Ranking

There are 2 factors that you are scored on:

  1. Points: earned by answering challenges correctly

  2. Accuracy: total # of correct attempts divided by total # of attempts

Incorrect attempts will not deduct points. Some hints may cost points to unlock.

Hints will deduct points immediately but have no other impact on your score or ranking.

Separate from your Points and Accuracy, you have a Rank for competitive events or content packs.

Your Rank is determined primarily by points. A tie in Points is broken by Accuracy. A tie in Accuracy is broken by timestamp of last correct attempt. Your Rank is what determines your position on the Leaderboard for a competitive event.

Completion does not impact your score or ranking directly. It is simply displayed to signal how much of the content have you or your team successfully completed.

Unranked Play

Cyber Skyline also has a mode of unranked play for certain users who may be ineligible for ranking on the public leaderboard meaning that unranked users/teams will not show up on the leaderboard. All ranking displays will include a notation for unranked play.

For those users/teams, you will see your theoretical ranking reported. Someone else will actually occupy your theoretical rank, but if you were ranked, the reported rank would be your rank. This allows unranked users/teams to also compare their ranking against other ranked users/teams.

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