Shareable Score Report

A shareable Score Report may be generated for you after a timed event for your record keeping and can be showcased on your professional portfolio or networks.

To access and download your shareable Score Report, please first log into the Cyber Skyline platform, then select the event that you wish to download from and navigate to the "Score Report" tab of that event.

Once you're on the Score Report page, if you are eligible for a downloadable report, you will see a grey "Download" button on the right where you'll be able to select either the Report or Certificate to download for that given event.

Shareable Reports and Certificates may not be available immediately. It usually takes a while after an event has completed for the Cyber Skyline team to audit and review all the results before publishing the downloadable Reports and Certificates.

If you know that you will be eligible for a downloadable Report or Certificate, please check back later for the "Download" button or look out for an email from Cyber Skyline.

Cyber Skyline Verified Reports and Verified Certificates come with a unique link that your employer, certification body, or educational institution may use to verify your performance or your participation.

Verification Links are included in your shareable Report and your shareable Certificate.

Reports and Certificates have different verification links, so you can choose which one you want to share.

Adding to LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn allows you to share your certification credentials on your user profile. You can start the process by clicking on

Your Credential ID is the series of alphanumeric identification code in the last part of your Report or Certificate's verification link. Below is an example of how you can share that on your LinkedIn profile.

You can control what information you share with others!

Reports contain your specific performance information whereas Certificates do not contain any performance information.


Below is an example of what your shareable report may look like on LinkedIn

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